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War of 1812; Western Hooves of Thunder

ISBN   9781092657754

40 pages                    $20

In 1800, on the Grand River Six Nations Territory, Ayewate, a Mohawk boy, and Catherine, his non Native friend, were born on the same day. The two children were of different backgrounds but enjoyed the best of both their cultures.

When the War of 1812 erupted the children’s fathers, and many of their friends and neighbours, took up arms to defend their homes. Unexpectedly, in 1814, over 700 mounted American soldiers descended from the west and plundered their way to the banks of the Grand River.

During this attack our young hero, Ayewate, takes on the role of a warrior out to save his friend, Catherine.


The two characters are fictitious but the historic content, including their names, and Native references are authentic and validated.

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