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TONTO: The Man in Front of the Mask
1st Biography of Jay Silverheels
ISBN  9780981188065

Product Dimensions: 25.4 x 20.3 x 1.4 cm (10” x 8” x 9/16”)
128 pages              $30

This is the first biography and complete book ever written about Harold J. Smith aka Jay Silverheels, a Mohawk from the Grand River Six Nations Territory. Jay was born in 1912, a time when most children went to residential institutions. Jay's mother did attend but Jay avoided being taken. He attended a high school in Brantford, already an accomplished and celebrated athlete. His athletic prowess led to Hollywood fame. 

Jay Silverheels was known as Tonto of the original Lone Ranger T.V. series. This award winning book follows Jay's life in and out of Hollywood. It includes a commentary about the Johnny Depp version of Tonto, in the new Lone Ranger movie released in 2013.

Interviews were with family and friends. Jay’s life is illuminated, false information is rebuked, and facts are clarified, and expanded upon. 

The reader will be surprised to find out who the “real” man portraying Tonto was. 

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1st biography of Jay Silverheels written by award winning Canadian author Zig Misiak book launch. 
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