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CRISTINE of the Snipe Clan

ISBN 978-0-9950128-7-5

36 Pages                    $16.50

The nine Clan books are delightful read-aloud stories
that appeal to our youngest students. They also provide

an artistic, informative resource for older students developing their knowledge of First Nations People and their connection to nature. 

A visually stimulating tale of a young snipe exploring
her habitat and discovering plants, insects, and animals around the pond and field. 


1. Short story of how clans were formed.

2. Ray Skye's description of Snipe Clan characteristics.

3. Key vocabulary.

4. Activities. 
5. Cross curricular and inter-disciplinary connections. 
6. Aligned with Ontario curriculum expectations. 

​7. Illustrations by Métis artist, Jennifer Bettio.

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