I can attest first hand to the need for First Nations educational resources such as the Six Nations Iroquois Clans Program at all levels of curriculum in this province. I am sure that teachers would very much welcome and appreciate the material that Mr Skye and Mr Misiak have developed. Dr. Rick Monture, Professor, Indigenous Studies, McMaster University

The primary focus of the Six Nations Iroquois Clans Program is on integrating the teachings about character development and Native Studies with current curriculum. Students and teachers will learn about the history and culture of the Six Nations people. The clan system is an integral component of the social structure and organization of the Haudenosaunee. This information is desperately needed in the schools of Ontario. I hope that you support this project.
Dr. Dawn Martin Hill, Academic Director, Indigenous Studies, McMaster University

The Haudenosaunee, Six Nations People, took part in the War of 1812 as allies helping with that victory then we were hung out to dry. Today I see that there is much more information about my people, like in Zig's books, where others will see what we did back then. We were and are human beings with a culture, beliefs and families. We too suffered and lost. I’m beginning to feel more proud. 

Don Monture, Elder, Grand River Six Nations Territory 


Zig Misiak delivered a powerful message to the students of St. Theresa Catholic Secondary School concerning the role of the Aboriginals in the War of 1812.  He also met with approximately 40 Mohawk students who thoroughly enjoyed his small group discussion.  Zig also demonstrated his complete commitment to increasing the students’ knowledge of the War of 1812 by volunteering to hold an extra workshop after the conference had officially concluded.  On behalf of our school’s history club, the Renaissance Society, I would like to congratulate Zig for his dedication and his commitment to the education of the youth, not just of our school, but across the province.

Joe Stafford, Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic DSB

Zig - On behalf of the host organization for Heritage Day at Six Nations, we appreciate the time you took to spend the day with us, providing a display, and presenting a highly informative, and professional presentation in a non-confrontational manner. Your use of humour, in the true sense of the Haudenosaunee was sure to generate positive comments on our evaluation forms! Your current project, in conjunction with Tuscarora Artist, Raymond Skye on the Six Nations Iroquois Clan Art Cards, is an exceptional educational resource, and as anyone in the Educational field knows; long overdue. Nia:wen
Paula Whitlow, Curator, Chiefswood National Historic Site (retired), Six Nations of the Grand River Territory

This project developed by Zig Misiak and Raymond Skye, possesses high educational, as well as cultural and artistic value. It is very desirable on the regional as well as on the National level. I strongly believe that no serious moves aimed at building global understanding, can succeed without or at the sake of disappearance of local cultural roots, at the sake of communal and individual identity. The authors of this project are very serious and dedicated persons. Mr. Zig Misiak is known as an active scholar of local history, and an ardent performer/educator, re-enacting for many years the glorious pages of early Canadian history. Mr. Raymond Skye is a well-known Six Nations artist and book-illustrator, whose works are not only well known and widely circulate locally, but are known Nationally as well as abroad (e.g., they are part of State and private collections in Russia). Like Mr. Misiak, he is deeply rooted in the history and culture of his people.
Dr. Alexandr Vaschenko, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

The Six Nations Iroquois Clans Program is an exciting curriculum program that addresses many of the Ontario Ministry of Educations curriculum expectations, particularly in the area of Social Studies, History, the Arts and character development. It also provides a direct link to the Ontario First Nation, Metis, and Inuit Education Policy Framework. I believe the time is right. This project is bound to take flight.
Evelyn Martin, Superintendent of Schools, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

This resource has potential to become a useful learning support for the schools of Ontario and possible for the rest of Canada. Its main theme and concepts are applicable to all Canadian students especially those who live near Native People's Communities. Many positive lessons and images are included in the stories and the follow up activities and applications. Students would benefit from being involved in this program as it has direct connections and implications with many of the issues being raised today by the Native People Nation.
John Caruana, Curriculum Superintendent, (retired)

It is high time that the elementary and secondary school students be exposed to rigorous cultural education of Aboriginal People's in order to facilitate understanding and healing across cultures. Zig and Ray's sophisticated "Clan Program" admirably fulfills such goals from a unique perspective and is a crucial resource for all Canadian teachers.
Kathryn V. Muller, Doctoral Candidate, Department of History, Queen's University

Mr. Misiak has developed an outstanding program that meets Ministry guidelines and leads students to a greater understanding of First Nations culture. It provides a very valuable resource to the First Nations Studies program in any school.
Brendan Ryan, Director of Education (retired)

Many times Zig and I have sat and talked about the history and culture of the Haudenosaunee people. I find him to be knowledgeable in this area. His passion and knowledge about First Nations people keeps him involved in many areas of study relating to the Iroquois. From his studies, both educational and first hand, I admire his accomplishments. He has shown me that it is honourable to discover and embrace other ethnicities with an open mind and caring heart. Such individuals add peace and harmony to this troubled world. He is a good friend.
Raymond R. Skye, Tuscarora/Seneca Six Nations Artist, Six Nations Grand River Territory

As the Eagle is the principal messenger of the Creator for the Native people, so Zig is the messenger of peace and understanding for all Canadians. Zig has a solid grasp on the issues which have obstructed the development of a mutually respectful relationship with the Native populations. His ideas and work will help us as educators to reach the developing minds and opinions of our children in time to arrest the spread of stereotypes and prejudices which have created an unacceptable situation of hatred and fear which now burden the spirits of the Canadian people. We need to open our minds and hearts to any initiative which brings peace to all members of our nations.
Dr. Dina Dalia, Principal (retired), St. John's College, Brantford Ontario, BHNCDSB