walter gretzky zig misiak 2019.JPG
Walter Gretzky & Zig Misiak, co-Parade Marshall's, Ancaster Heritage Parade, 2019, Wally as Caldwells Ranger & Zig as Butlers Ranger. 
Ray Skye, Zig Misiak, First Nations monu
Good friend Ray Skye at Queenston Heights. Ray created the tall bronzes of John Norton and John Brant as well as the Six Nations medallions in the circle. Adjacent to Brock's monument; at last. 
John Butlers bronze dedication. Butler f
Col. John Butlers bronze ceremony. Niagara on the Lake with the Butler family descents plus Butlers Rangers colours with Zig Misiak and Scott Paterson. The United Empire Loyalists built a cairn on the site of J. Butlers homestead. 
walter tribut sept 2021 slawek zig.JPG
Walter Gretzky, was given a rare honour - the Polish Gold Cross Medal. He became one of us. Due to C19 we were just now able to visit the site where Walter lies in peace with Phyllis and pay homage to them both.
Zig Misiak receiving a very special gift from Steve Smith (nephew of Jay Silverheels). It's inscribed with words acknowledging Zig's contribution to the history and culture of the Haudenosaunee. 
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In 2007, on the 200th anniversary of Joseph Brant passing,
Zig Misiak, a Butlers Rangers officer with the Ranger colours, saluted the site of his burial at the Mohawk Chapel. 
Ancaster High Wall of Distinction 2018 Z
Honoured to be added to Ancaster High Schools Hall of Distinction with my family present. Daryl, Tyler, Shaylyn, me and my brother Luke. 
Zig & Butlers bronze Ottawa.jpg
Zig with John Butlers bronze in an area called 'The Valiants'., Ottawa Ontario Canada. The sculpture used Zig's uniform to create this historic bronze. 
Polish Combatants honour retiring MP Phil McColeman at the Polish War Monument Brantford, Ontario. 
Mr Wilbik enjoying a big hamburger Nov 7, 2010.JPG
Oh how he loved hamburgers. Our precious WW2 Polish Veteran of Monte Cassino. Boleslaw Wilbik, 93 years old, had a great sense of humour and was a good friend. I / we, miss him. We will not forget you "Wilbik". 
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Rutherford Files TV series.JPG
George Washington Wampum belt being displayed and explaned at a Historica conference. Haudenosaunee, Grand River Six Nations presenters, Ray Skye, Ken Maracle, Rick Hill, and Butlers Ranger Zig Misiak. 
wampum belt presentation ken maracle, rick hill and zig present copy.png
At the same conference, Historica, a wampum belt was made by Ken Maracle and presented by him, Rick Hill and Raymond Skye on behalf of the Grand River Six Nations People. 
walter bronze glen gretzky zig misiak march 4 2022.JPG
Walter Gretzky Bronze in Brantford, March 4, 2022. Honoured to have been invited to be with the Gretzky family.
Left - Glen Gretzky, Walters son and Zig Misiak, family friend. 
July 10, 2022, Butlers Rangers 'Colours' presented to the Canadian Military Heritage Museum, Brantford, for display and safe-keeping.