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These 'collections' comfortably, gently and accurately lead educators to some of the Essential Understanding of:
Community, Ancestral and Traditional Knowledge, Land, Interconnection with all things, Cultural Diversity, and Treaties.

The 'collections' are only availble by contacting the author direct.

4 in 1 LEARNING book + Guide
Arts, Language    JK/SK to grade 3
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9 CLAN books + (36 page) Guide
Social Studies, Arts    Grades 1 to 4
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WAMPUM book + Guide
Science, Technology, Arts, Language, Social Studies
Grades 2 to 6

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WAR of 1812 - 2 books + Guide
History, Language, Media Literacy
Grade 7
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TONTO book + Guide
Media Literacy and Language
Grade 7 and 8

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