ABC’s and 123's, Shapes, Colours COLOURING BOOKS ($10 each)


These 2 books are unique taken from the sections of 4 in 1 Learning making a nice set of 3. 


4 in 1 Learning's content is based on images that are related to either First Nations, Métis, Inuit or nature as illustrated by Métis artist Jennifer Bettio.

These 2 colouring books, ABC's replicate all the pages with illustrations for each letter, plus a short one line description of the image.

Please keep in mind that there is so much more that could be written about each image in particular the ones directly related to the First Nations or Inuit. For example: Tree of Peace, Igloos, Kayaks.


Contact Zig Misiak in order to purchase the 'guide and/or books. 
Teacher Pay Teacher has books with activities for download.
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