asher and grandpa remembrance day.jpg
My grandson Asher, 2 years old, during Remembrance Day 2020. I'm showing and explaining a poppy to him. 
Polish WW2 veterans, survivors, Walter G
WW2 Polish & Canadian veterans, survivors plus Walter Gretzky & Zig Misiak. Walter Polish side suffered during WW2 and his father joined the Canadian army during WW1. 
Remembrance Day poster by St John's Slaw
Slawek Dobrowolski, teacher St. John's College Brantford, had his students create a beautiful elongated poster for Remembrance Day. Images on the left are 3 Grand River Six Nations warriors from the War of 1812 during which time Canada, as we know it today, was virtually established. On the far right is Toni Gretzky, Walter Gretzky';s father, who joined the Canadian army in 1917. 
zig holding Polish combatants standard.j
polish cap badge.png
Zig, a member of the Polish Combatant's Association of Canada, holds the WW2 Battle Colours, highlighting Monte Cassino. 
slawek lolko zig 2015 dvd launch.jpg
Slawek Dobrowolski, WW2 Veteran Paul Lojko and Zig Misiak announcing the distribution of a DVD, called For Your Freedom and Ours, to 100's of schools in which are interviewed Polish, Canadian, Six Nations and British WW2 veterans as well as WW2 survivors. Paul Lojko passed at the age of 94 in June 2020. 
ww1 don walter steve zig june 18 2014.pn
All 3 of my friends had family overseas during WW1. Don Montures mother, Edith, Walter Gretzky's father, Antoni and Steve Smiths grandfather A.G.E. Smith. My Polish family was still in Poland during this time. Steve's grandfather trained Polish troops at Niagara on the Lake. 
zig remembrance 2020.jpg
remembrance day early nov 5 2021.JPG
zig guest speaker remembrance day nov 7
Zig Misiak, a Royal Hamilton Light Infantry veteran,
is often a guest speaker around Remembrance Day. 
Polish ambassador Kurnicki Slawek Zig Wa
Polish Combatant's Assoc. of Canada national conference, Aug. 3, 2019, hosted by Brantford SPK. Polish Ambassador to Canada, Andrzej Kurnicki, Slawek Dobrowolski, Zig Misiak, Walter Gretzky. Wally received the Polish Gold Cross for his ongoing support of veterans and all things good. 
Polish pilgrimage Niagara on the Lake, W
Annual Polish pilgrimage commemorating World War One Polish soldiers as allies. Niagara on the Lake. Zig, Polish Combatants VP, modern Polish soldiers & Canadian officer.
Zig Polish Combatants.jpg
Zig's photo, courtesy of Neighbors of Ancaster Magazine 2021. Polish Combatants attire. 
2021 pre-Remembrance Day ceremony. We'll look back on the unusual conditoins under which we commemorate our Veterans and Survivors knowing that: "We did not forget".