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32 pages $20

WAMPUM: The Story of Shaylyn the Clam

ISBN 978-0-9811880-8-9 
32 pages                           $16.50


This is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about a clam that was picked up by a young Indigenous girl named Skawennahá:wi. She took the clam(s) back to her village. The contents were used for food and the shells were used, among other things, to make wampum for wampum belts and strings.

Wampum, The Story of Shaylyn the Clam explains, very simply, the origins of wampum, what it was made from and its use as well as the balanced connection to nature. This book is also a part of the First Nations Resource Collection. 



1. A teaching text about the relevance of wampum.

2. Illustrated by Métis artist, Jennifer Bettio.

2. Key vocabulary.

4. Activities. 
5. Cross curricular and interdisciplinary connections.

6. Aligned with Ontario curriculum expectations. 

Wampum Book as reviewed by;
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