Zig Misiak is a Polish WW2 baby-refugee arriving in Canada in 1950, age 3, with his parents. Raised in Brantford, Ontario Canada he became very interested in his neighbours, the Grand River Six Nations People. For over 50 years he has developed a respect and deep interest in their history/culture both past and present. In addition to providing curriculum and related support to schools in Ontario and other parts of Canada, Zig Misiak's mission is to familiarize, coach, present, and mentor all those interested in First Nations. Zig is very clear stating that he speaks about but not for the First Nations and always takes in to account both oral and written information, when available, respecting both sources.


President of Real People's History, First/Native Nations History/Culture
PBS/WNED TV, Bi-National Education Advisory Group, War of 1812 200th
Canadian Army Veteran, Royal Hamilton Light Infantry
Ontario's Equity & Communications Strategy Committee
Education Partner, School boards of Ontario re: Native Nations Education Historical Support
Re-enactor, Butlers Rangers; American Revolution and Caldwell's Rangers; War of 1812
Historica Canada, Passages Canada Speaker Team

Chairman, War of 1812 Bicentennial Commemoration Steering Committee, Brantford & County

Historic Niagara Education Committee, Niagara CDSB and DSB, for the War of 1812 200th

War of 1812 Western Corridor Alliance, Route 1812, Sub Committee











Jennifer Bettio was born and raised in Guelph Ontario. She is an arts and photography graduate of Sheridan College.  With constant support of her parents Jennifer pursued her passion in the arts field that has brought her great success and recognition through her illustrations and unique photography. Her French Canadian background, Métis, has allowed her to exhibit a unique First Nations and Métis style of art.


Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers, Polish WW2 Combatant's Association of Canada, SPK Br#4, Bronze Cross, Shining Star Award, history & heritage, Brantford/Brant County/Six Nations/Mississauga, YMCA Peace Medal Nominee, promoting peace & prosperity in the world, The George & Olive Seibel Award, contribution to heritage in the education, Ancaster High Schools Hall of Distinction, Canadian Aboriginal Veterans Association Medallion.

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