Dear Educator,

The Six Nations Iroquois Program Teachers Resource Guide, though focused on the Six Nations, is now much broader and inclusive of other First Nations, Métis and Inuit. The resource/guide also reaches out to other cultures from around the world. The lesson plans have input from a myriad of First Nations sources as well as both the Public and Catholic School Boards.  In-class testing was done and teachers passed it with flying colours.

As of December 2019, our guide is currently being used by 723 assorted teaching institutions. It has been acknowledged by the Aboriginal Education department of the Ministry of Education, and recognized by the Ontario Native Literacy Coalition, the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario and the Canadian Indigenous/Native Studies Association (CINSA), ASLC Lit Picks (Alberta School Library Council).

The Six Nations Iroquois Program Teachers Resource Guide is current, based on the 2013/2014 curriculum updates. It aligns with the First Nations, Métis and Inuit Education Policy Framework. It also supports all the topics found in the Ministry of Education’s Aboriginal Perspectives – The Teacher’s Toolkit. 

While some of the content is aimed at specific grades as directed in the Ontario Curriculum, this guide can be used at all levels of education and for various subject areas. Evaluation and Assessment can focus on what works for you in your classroom and what works for your students and therefore is left open to the user.

All three stories and the artwork related to them are provided by Raymond R. Skye, Tuscarora/Seneca from the Grand River Six Nations Territory. Ray and I documented the oral history he recalled hearing from his parents and many other elders.

My non-Native perspective comes from knowledge derived from over five decades of academic studies, as a historic re-enactor and my long time relationship with Ray and his people. We carefully blended both oral and written views that resulted in this wonderful grass rooted, authentic and trusted resource.

Your Six Nations Iroquois Program Teachers Resource Guide contains many wonderful hands on components that stimulate all five senses and bring the material alive for you and your students.

O:nen ki’wahi, until the next time we meet,            Zig M. Misiak and Raymond R. Skye

** The traditional songs CD’s and the bone rattles come from Grand River Six Nations.