The First Nations Resource Collection was initiated and created by Zig Misiak and Raymond R. Skye, two people who are passionate about learning and sharing their knowledge of First/Native Nations history and culture.

Zig Misiak's experiences as a historical activist, award winning author, and long time re-enactor span several decades. He sits on numerous boards and organizations, consulting with people who document history through film, books, re-enactments, and educational publications. He has been working with educators over the past several years to augment existing curriculum relative to First/Native Nations, specifically the Haudenosaunee.

Raymond R. Skye, Awę́dǫdyǫh

Ray is an internationally known Haudenosaunee Artist, from Six Nations Grand River Territory, who credits much of the inspiration for his artwork to the traditional teachings of his father (Seneca) and mother (Tuscarora). He has distinguished himself as an artist who bases his work on extensive research of both oral and written sources pertaining to Haudenosaunee history and culture.

The Six Nations, Métis, Inuit Teachers Resource Guide was made possible by the generous contribution of our benefactor, King & Benton, who sponsored the initial development of the curriculum guide, DVD and audio CD.

The following people or organizations made significant contributions to content, applicability to curriculum, and/or formatting, piloted the program or helped with refinements for the classroom (alphabetical order):

  • Hill Sr., Richard W. Tuscarora, Beaver Clan, Artist, Historian, Teacher, Coordinator: Indigenous Knowledge Center

  • Martin Hill, Dawn PhD, Mohawk, Wolf Clan, Academic Director, Indigenous Studies, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

  • Misiak, Shaylyn, Laurier University MBA, Mohawk College ECE, OCT

  • Montour, Deneen, Onondaga Nation, Deer Clan, Grand Erie DSB, Native Advisor

  • Montour, Rick Mohawk, Turtle Clan, PhD, Indigenous Studies Program, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

  • Rice, Brian PhD, Mohawk Nation, Dept of Education, U of Winnipeg

  • Tehahent:eh, Frank Miller, Mohawk, Turtle, Mohawk Language Instructor

  • Tessaro, Mary Lynn PhD, Professor, Concurrent Education, Nipissing University


  • Braemar House, Annette Minutillo, Executive Director

  • Brant Haldimand Norfolk CDSB, Bill Chopp, Rob Santilli, Manuela Torto, Peter Marchand, Tiziana Agriesti, Erin Esposito, Janina Fediurek

  • Grand Erie DSB, Cory Judson

The following people supported the program through its various stages:

Sakokwenionk:was, Tom Porter, author, (Mohawk, Bear Clan Elder, Akwesasne), Dianna Clare, Teacher; Catherine Cornelius, (Oneida of the Thames, Wolf Clan), Indian Art-I-Crafts; Dina Dalia, PhD, Principal, St Johns College; Stacey Hill, (Mohawk Nation, Turtle Clan), Language Teacher/Cultural Resource; Patricia Kings,  Superintendent of Education, Brant Haldimand Norfolk CDSB; Dave, Levac, MPP Brant; John Lostracco, Principal, Niagara CDSB; Evelyn Martin, Superintendent of Schools Indian and Northern Affairs Canada; Lynn Millar, Elementary School Teacher; Lois Paquette, School Teacher, St. Mary’s; Ron Robert, (Metis), Indian Art-I-Crafts of Ontario; Lloyd St. Amand, MP Brant; Roxanne Sky, (Cayuga Nation, Bear Clan); George Thomas, (Mohawk Nation, Wolf Clan), British Native Allies Re-enactor; Leslie White-Eye, Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs; Paula Whitlow, (Mohawk Nation) Woodland Cultural Centre, Curator, Grand River Six Nations Territory. Jack MacFadden consultant and past president of OHSSTA, Bill Alexander retired teacher/ Curriculum Co-coordinator Geography/ History, Eric Shapero retired teacher, Jan Howse teacher, Meri Marja-Terttu MacLeod First Nations Studies Advisor, Linda McGregor, Manager of First Nation Metis and Inuit (FNMI) Education Initiatives with the Simcoe Muskoka CDSB, Teyowisonte: Tom Deer, Kahnawake Mohawk Territory.

The following individuals generously donated their time to create the DVD and/or CD:

Native Educators, Artists and Elders: Lorrie Gallant, (Cayuga Nation, Turtle Clan), Author/Illustrator/Story Teller; Rene Hill, (Mohawk Nation, Turtle Clan), Story Teller/ Cultural Resource Person; Tehahenteh, Frank Miller, Mohawk, Turtle, Mohawk Language Instructor; Don Monture, (Mohawk Nation, Bear Clan), Elder; Ohwendonh:deyo, Raymond Skye, (Tuscarora/Seneca), Artist; Tekonwaniahe:sen, Stacy Hill, (Mohawk Nation, Turtle Clan), Educator.

Traditional Singers: Ojihgwaea:yoh – Old Mush Singers

Students:  Kirstin Bomberry, Student, (Cayuga, Turtle Clan), Assumption College; Godrihwagehoh, Kiana Sky, (Cayuga Nation, Bear Clan); Hanehe:gwahs, Hunter Sky, (Cayuga Nation, Bear Clan); and the students from Princess, Elizabeth Public School of the Grand Erie DSB: Ashley Grabauskas, Orennaha:wi, Bailey Hill, (Mohawk Nation, Turtle Clan), Rahsenni:saks, Daris Hill, (Mohawk Nation, Turtle Clan); Jocelynn Hill, Henry Mudford, Silence Staats, Carter Van Every, Noah Van Every, Travis Walton.

Re-enactors:  Lynda Balena, British Native Allies re-enactor; Lenny Foley, (Mohawk Nation, Turtle Clan) Haudenosaunee re-enactor; Nancy Jensen, British Native Allies re-enactor; Debbie Klymer, British Native Allies re-enactor; Kim Lundberg, , British Native Allies re-enactor, Bert Summerhayes, British Native Allies re-enactor; Douglas Wooldridge, British Native Allies re-enactor.

Locations:  Narrative location courtesy of the Woodland Cultural Centre and Historical footage at Kanata Village and Interpretive Centre and the Grand River in cooperation with the Grand River Six Nations and the City of Brantford.