Zig Misiak retired in 2009 and since that time he has devoted his efforts to history education. Several books, including the one on Tonto, have been written by Mr. Misiak among them are the War of 1812, highlighting Native Nations, and Western Hooves of Thunder, about McArthur’s raid along the Grand River. And he co-authored with Raymond Sky the Six Nations Iroquois Program Teachers Resource Guide…He says he has never taken living in this great country for granted and fell in love with all aspects of its history.

The Sachem, Gazette, Barbara Martindale, For What It’s Worth

The Six Nations Iroquois Program Teachers Resource Guides is an amazing resource that is so well thought out! With a holistic learning approach embedded throughout and incredibly well organized.

Strong Nations, British Columbia, On-Line Indigenous Books

The hope of restoring good will between non Aboriginal and Aboriginal people has manifested in the form of the Six Nations Iroquois Program and Teachers Guide, meant to enhance the Native studies curriculum in the Six Nations area as well as other First Nations. 

Wind Speaker News, Edmonton, Alberta


Though not of Native blood but rather of Polish ancestry, Zig Misiak was recognized (Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Medal) for his many papers, educational materials and books offering the true history of Canada which includes in a big way, the many and important contributions made by Six Nations and Mississauga warriors as allies to the Crown of England, in the establishment and protection of Canada.

Jim Windle, Editor, Tekawennake, Six Nations and Mississauga News

The illustrations by Jennifer Bettio are beautiful and charming and include the words of the poem.  They are a perfect compliment to the story adding to its gentle and peaceful tone. Zig Misiak is a Polish World War II refugee who came to Canada and considers himself a student of Indigenous culture and history.  He has received numerous awards for his contributions to Canadians shared past, culture, and heritage.  Jennifer Bettio is an artist working in painting, graphic design and photography.

This book, Wampum, would be a perfect addition to any library and will bring a smile to the face of readers of any age.

The Anishinabek News, The Voice of the Anishinabek Nation