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The Six Nations Iroquois Program Teachers Resource Guide was a collaborative project. All three stories (Creation, Clans, Peacemaker) and the artwork related to these stories were provided by Raymond Skye, Tuscarora/Seneca from the Grand River Six Nations Territory. Ray and I recorded the oral history he recalled hearing from his parents and other elders over the years. As we proceeded the elders known to us, from our area as well as other communities, as well as First Nations academics, were interviewed on an ongoing basis. Before the SNIPTRG was printed the 'recorded oral history' Ray and I assembled was presented to all available elders for comments and approvals. The contributors page, testimonials and the fact that both Native and non-Native teaching institutions have acquired and are using this 'resource' successfully says it all. 


Zig Misiak’ s non-Native views come from accumulated knowledge derived from over five decades of academic studies, as a historic re-enactor and through a long-time relationship with Ray and his people. Ray and I carefully melded both sources, respecting all the input that resulted in this wonderful grass-rooted, authentic and trusted resource. Zig continues to write additional books, all with First Nations/Métis/Inuit content, making sure they are a valued  and support, in particular Canadian, educators curriculum.

As life would have it Zig met Jennifer unexpectedly, with her father, at a craft show. Jen's talents as a Métis artist/illustrator and Zig being an author without a artistic realized that moving forward they could collaborate on First Nations/Métis and Inuit books in support of our educations system.